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Web2Publishing® is a tool for the entire organization and your partners. Create, revise, and share marketing material online, without having to invest in software or training. Professional quality for PDF, web, and print.

Create your own material in just minutes – watch how to do it here.

This tutorial shows you how you create and edit templates in a few minutes. You can use Web2Publishing for all types of marketing material from roll-ups, flyers, brochures, postcards, posters, signs and many from.

You learn:

  • To change a template so it fits your purpose
  • To switch and adjust images
  • To order and reorder new material

Control the process on versioning and translations

This tutorial shows you how to use Web2Publishing to control the work process with translations, proofreading, and versioning of marketing materials.

You learn:

  • How to work with translations in Web2Publishing
  • How to move material on to approval
  • How to unlock already approved texts so they can be reused.

Sådan gør du en skabelon klar til brug – se her hvordan

Denne introduktionsvideo er til dig, som har ansvaret for at jeres marketingmaterialer er up to date og som skal sikre, at designmanualen overholdes.

Du lærer:

  • Hvordan du oploader en skabelon til Web2Publishing
  • Hvordan du forbereder skabelonen til brugerne
  • Hvordan du offentliggør skabelon til brugerne

Hold styr på alle jeres medier i et fælles mediebibliotek – se her hvordan

Denne introduktionsvideo viser dig, hvordan du skaber et mediebibliotek til hele virksomhedens elektroniske marketingmaterialer . Du får med mediebibliotektet mulighed for at stille alt til rådighed i en fælles portal, som kan tilgås i en browser.

Du lærer:

  • Hvordan du opretter et bibliotek til medier
  • Hvordan du oploader videoer, billeder, worddokumenter og alle andre former for medier
  • Hvordan du styrer adgangen til mediemappen

For the graphical designer – this is how you make an InDesign file ready for Web2Publishing

This tutorial provides tips and tricks about InDesign and shows you how to prepare you InDesign file for Web2Publishing.

You learn:

  • To work with texts and images in Web2Publishing
  • To make an InDesign file ready for Web2Publishing
  • How to test the InDesign file before it is uploaded to Web2Publishing

For the administrator – gather everything in one place in Web2Publishing

This tutorial explains what you as an administrator must be aware of in Web2Publishing. As administrator you keep track of the users, gather the threads and support your use of Web2Publishing.

You learn:

  • To create new users, departments and suppliers
  • To add additional applications


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