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Case-Story: Thisted Municipality

Thisted Municipality | Use Web2Publishing

Over 140 institutions have access

Thisted Municipality by the west coast of Jutland have used Web2Publishing since 2010 after a political decision to strengthen the quality of external communication. One of the tools to improve the quality was a generalized design manual that would apply to all of the municipality’s institutions. In connection to this a subscription to the template library of Web2Publishing was acquired and the municipality’s central graphical designer, Jens Kristian Overgaard became the systems daily administrator.

All of the municipality’s 140 institutions, from day-care institutions and nursing homes to the city council can utilize Web2Publishing. Web2Publishing has gotten it’s own icon within the municipality’s internal server and there is easy and direct access to Web2Publishing for all users of the system.

“We have had the system for almost two years and we use Web2Publishing a lot and we’re very satisfied with it. It is easy to help new institutions get going with it. We have different templates in the municipality’s design, which means that within minutes they are creating. I have also helped multiple preschool institutions make pretty welcome brochures for the parents. At the city hall we also use Web2Publising to make place cards and business cards so all the places within the municipality is using Web2Publishing” explains Jens Kristian Overgaard and continues: “Typically the user gets half an hour to an hour of training on the system and after they have produced their first brochure they are pretty much independent. There is rarely any need for support.”

Web2Publishing controls the font and colours and the users are happy about that because they do not need to be concerned about these facets but can focus solely on the text.

The user can and wishes to do it themselves

The biggest advantage to Web2Publishing is that the user makes the material themselves and can immediately see how it will look. The users are very satisfied with that.

“We have great flexibility in the work process and I rarely become overloaded. I am still involved in the bigger graphics tasks and big campaigns but the smaller tasks, where there are often adjustments to the text, are handled by the users.” Thisted Municipality has their own digital printing press so the main part of the graphical production is contained within the municipality’s own walls.


Web2Publishing is an incredible addition to any regional communications department, according to Jens Kristian Overgaard. Web2Publishing’s design fits well with a regionally, hierarchically controlled organization because everyone creates material based on approved templates. The templates stay within the design line and through that the external communication and graphical image is strengthened.